Wednesday, April 29, 2009


It took me too long to reach destionation...16 hours. There was interesting situation on the way, in Amsterdam airport I had to take trains (change 3 times) to the school. Second time when I had to change, the train didnt come and loudspeaker announced something that I didnt understood, so I asked one lady and she told that train is not coming because there is no electricity in the city from where the train had supposed to come and buses are not going aswell..hmm..strange isnt it. And no options. Then this lady called her husband and he promised to come after half an hour and bring me to the next station where the trains are ok. So we went to caffeteria with this lady and had a glass of juice and chat wile waiting.
About we had anatmoy class.
There are around 10 students and more are coming.
I have been enjoying each moment of my stay here.
And the house is like a big castle...:) with big garden with all fruit trees and vegetables and grapes.
We have been doing some inside and outside -willingliy.
The weather has been quite nice - sunny and warm.
Take care all!! :)