Monday, January 30, 2012


Last Monday evening I arrived to Malaysia Borneo Island. I took plane from Gold Coast to Kuala Lumpur and from there to Kota Kinabalu. My friends picked me up at the airport. It took me 10 and a half hour all together to reach destionatio. But I can only say praise the God no complications occured during my journey.
First impression about Malaysia...some parts very poor some very rich. But people are very friendly and open to talk. LOTS of homeless dogs. Already next day after my arrival I got to taste Durian...So many strange stories heard about durian before. The taste is like vanilla cream..yummy. Anyway its such a big variety of fruits and veggies, just have to know how to prepair and eat them...I am getting used to.
Already next day I was involved in Natural Therapy clinic work (colonics, hydrotherapy, massage ect.) Timetable is very busy. We have also hairdresser and cosmetician at the clinic. I got nice hair cut..., they want to make me chemical curls, but I skip that part.
Anyway its hot here and humid and the nature is bit similar as in europe, many leafy trees and bushes. In Australia there were many palm trees. Here less of them.

Sunday, January 15, 2012


with Minai

Redcliff beach

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Benefiting others, benefits you

Last Sunday I was learning from Jana & Ben new skill - soap making from the beginning. Thats so creative and fun. Lots of thanks to them for teaching me. We had wonderful picnic in their back yard and I had a look into their garden that is full of experiments. Awesome!

Its less than 2 weeks until I will leave Australia and go to do medical missionary work in a small excited.

The blessing of God is a healing power, and those who are abundant in benefiting others will realize that wondrous blessing in both heart and life.

I have been doing nice green smoothie almost every morning.

I feel that it really boosts the system and gives energy.

1 lemon or orange juice

1 kiwi

aloe vera gel from fresh plant

1/2 tsp. chlorella

1 tbsp spirulina

bit of honey

Monday, January 2, 2012