Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Natural remedies

I have been picking sea backthorn on our field. They are very sour, but good for skin diseases, digestive tract and heart. It has anti-inflammatory and anti-microbiological activity. Berries are high in C and B vitamins and aswell they contain B12 vitamin.
We made berry juice and puted into icecube plastic bags, its so easy to take cubes by cubes and have a nice drink on winter.

We made with mum lip salves and aswell massage salve with cayenne pepper (lately cayanne became my favourite) I put cayenne into capsules for eating, into tea, make cayanne massage. Cayenne has high amount of A and C vitamin, and organic Calcium and Potassium, so therefore its very good for healthy heart, aids digestion and circulatory system. Cayenne has been known to stop heart attack within 30 seconds!!!

Cowberries or lingon berries.