Sunday, September 25, 2011

Something that makes me smile

Last week I was with my friends on the big camp. Around ~5000 people. There were many activities and workshops for all age groups. It wasnt even possible to attend them all. I enjoyed beeing volunteer in the kitchen serving food, later afternoon giving lift with buggy to the needy once. For some days attended card making workshop and book evengelist meetings. Very soon I will be doing canvassing in QL. So excited about that.

The weather was perfect, nice warm and no rain at all.

Christ's love was unselfish & kind. When I see His goodness, I shall know that my righteousness is like dirty clothes. Only Christ's sacrifice can take away my sins and make me clean. Only Christ can change my life until I am like Him. The purity of Christ makes my life look unclean. When I see his glory from heaven, I will hate my selfishness and my self-love.