Sunday, April 18, 2010

Spring in Germany

Apple tree Nettle
Poultice collection. With clay (gray ones) and charcoal, flaxseed (black ones). Oatflake maker:)

The time is going fast in Germany...I have been enjoying warm weather and taking sunbath with Kristel. Cooking meals already with fresh greens from the garten. We got a lot of bearlauch, I made pesto, cheese, sauces etc. out of it. Every day fresh juices from dandelion, nettle, carrot, red beet, cellery...yammy. Teas with nettle, yellow duck, thyme etc - good detoxifiers.
We got so much tofu this week, so I could experiment many dishes with tofu. For Sabbath I made tofu cheese cake , it came out really good.
Yesterday I wisited one lady, she was a real artist in porcelain painting. I started to miss handicraft. Unfortunately I dont have opportunity to do it here.
When, as erring, sinful beings, we come to Christ and become partakers of His pardoning grace, love springs up in the heart. Every burden is light; for the yoke that Christ imposes is easy. Duty becomes a delight, a sacrifice a pleasure. The path that before seemed shrouded in darkness becomes bright with beams from the Sun of righteousness.
Steps to Christ "The test of discipleship"