Sunday, July 26, 2009

King of the herbs and weeds - Yellow dock -

A great herb to help anemia. It is rich in iron that the body can assimilate easily. It nourishes the spleen and liver and cleans the lymphatic system, which helps clean up skin eruptions.
Yellow dock is beneficial herb for toxemia, infections, ulcers and wounds. It is considered one of the best blood builders in the herbal kingdom.
And the worst weed because it has long strong root.
How to prepare infusion:
1. Dig out some roots
2. Wash
3. Cut
4. Boil 1-2 teaspoon yellow dock root in 1 liter water for 10-15 min.

5. After turning off the heat can add little bit red clover,horsetail etc.
6. More enjoyable makes the drink when adding fresh lemon juice, ginger and honey.
7. Drink 3 cups a day, preferred in between meals.