Sunday, October 2, 2011


I have been going for a walk with cute, little Sofia (she and her beautiful mum on the pic.) and it has been a blessing...I have seen many different plants, animals, met some nice people. We have been on some nice markets, I saw nice fruits and vegetables. Some fruits I tryed for the first time, today I got 5 avocados for 1$ and made yummy guacamole.
Some days ago I saw a snake just at the entrance of the house. I couldnt even scream, it just took my breath only. Everybody is warning about the snakes, Yes indeed have to be careful, but the snakes attack only if they see and feel danger and want to protect themselves or the small ones. So it is usually with the people they attack if you attack them (well it shouldnt be like this). So there is no excuse from agressive and sinful human beings that snakes are so awful and the most worse animals on the earth. Personally I cant say that I would love to keep a snake in my home as a pet.
Snakes were created most beautiful creatures. They are smart and usually escape when they feel danger. Isnt that a good quality?

GOD has been GOOD to me and I AM HAPPY to BE called HIS CHILD and believe in his promises and receive His blessings to bless others! So happy to be in Australia and spend time with my dear friends and discover this beautiful land.