Friday, November 4, 2011

My father knows how much I can carry

Last week I have been working with planting and pulling flowers, all day standing, but I dont complain its wonderful job anyway. There is a nice story about one little boy who was carrying a basket full of groceries while shopping with his father. The basket became quite full, and a clerk noticed that the little boy was struggling to manage the weight as he bravely lumbered toward the checkout line. The clerk asked, "Do you need help with that basket, young man?" to which the boy replied, "No. My father knows how much I can carry."

Have been driving to work so I am getting used to with left side of the road driving...not too bad:)

Last sunday we went to the South Bank in Brisbane, really cousy swimming pool in the city...good and relaxing area for recreation for whole family.

Its a mango season....yummy.