Monday, December 6, 2010

News From Bethesda Restoration Ministries

This is Hamisi. He is 12 years old.He is paralyzed from his chest to the feet. This happened when he fell down from a tree a year ago while hunting birds. His mother brought him to us one morning and what we saw was very sad. Hamisi has four big bed sores and one of the sores is on the spine and is so deep that you can see the spinal cord. This is the pictureon the left but is abit dark that you cannot easily see the spine through the hole.

By God´s grace we have been applying simple natural remedies like aloe vera with carrots and also massaging his legs for a better circualtion. The picture that you now see shows some great improvement as all the sores are getting abit smaller. It was not an easy situation to see the those big sores at the beginnning but through prayer,the Lord has strengthened us to minister to this poor boy.Please remember him in your prayers and we will update you of his condition.We are still continuing with the treatments and should the Lord impress you to give suggestions,we would be grateful.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Roasted cashew nuts

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

'Have I not commanded thee? Be strong and of good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the Lord thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest.' Joshua 1:9
Thanks to God I had a good journey to Mombasa despite that my all cash and bankcards were stolen in Madrid (I still had my passport and I could continue travel) and my suitcase arrived some days later (I had a very short time to change the plane in Cairo, so my suitcase didnt managed to the next plane). As I arrived the air was at first very strange humid and hard to breathe, but I got used to. I was most warmly welkommed at the airport and at the center.
Already next day we spent wonderful Sabbath day at Indian ocean.
Strange to think that its so hot all the time here and in Estonia its cold, and winter.
I have been for now councelling different ladies with their health complains. Its just amaizing feeling to introduce to those ladies 8 health laws, and pray with them for receiving strength and courage from God to implement the health laws in their life. Also we introduce to them natural remedies like garlic, turmerik, cayenne pepper, hydrotherapy, massage, exercises for the whole body. So later they are coming back and giving report how are the things proceiding and how do they feel after changing their habits. People are really willing to listen and try out. Many havent never heard that its possible to live more healthier and in this way get rid of their sicknesses. In many cases people are very poor to buy food and clean water, so they eat all the time the same food like Ugali (made from corn) and often drink water even from the river. Many children and grownups have health conditions like Astma becouse of bad hygiene and dusty air. In general people are easygoing and kind, having a lots of time to wait patiently when comes their turn to receive the health councel....I admire that.
This area where I stay is noisy all they long already at four in the morning the life starts with loud music.
I am just so much fond of this fresh fruits that we are eating here, papayas, mangos, avocados, passion fruits, coconuts ect. And just so surprised that locals are rarely eating their treasures like raw fruits and vegetables...they dont realise the precious value of them. Its written in the Bible: 'And to every beast of the earth, and to every thing that creepeth upon the earth, wherein there is life, I have given every green herb for meat: and it was so.' Genesis 1:30
Many people cant afford buying Bibles and many dont know how to read. Usually I have been translated from English to Swahili by the local medical workers.
On Sunday we had outreach in one village...people came and we received lots of help through natural therapies and remedies. Straight after finishing it started to rain, and when we started to drive car driver just couldnt keep the car on the slippery clay road...and started to drive on the side of the road, sometimes car stucked so much in the pit that the help was needed, we prayed a lot, and I knew God had everything under control. Car driver was seemingly upset, but when we got out, he agreed that it should have been God who helped.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Long journey

Tomorrow I will lieve my hometown for some time to Kenya (Mombassa) as a medical missionary for getting busy with councelling people about health issues (will teach hydrotherapy, massage, herbs, vegan food preparation ect.)
My trip starts from Elva continuing to Tallinn, Copenhagen, Madrid, Cairo, Nairobi, Mombassa.
My plan was before to go to Venezuela to have a practise at health center (I booked even ticket), but then very suddenly I got call from Kenya, they urgently needed medical missionary...I was like speechless...and first I sayed no, but then I started to think what could I do. Then I remembered that I received recently an email about the change in flight Madrid Caracas timetable (only 30 minutes). So I called and asked if they could cancel the flight, they sayed they will reply if they can. Again I started to think about so many changes and decided not to cancel, I wrote to the airline company that I changed my mind. After half an hour I received mail : Your flight is cancelled!! Thats it! It was turning point to complately another direction. I took in touch with E. from Kenya and announced that I can still come...that was a surprise for them in Kenya, and actually they have been praying like for month that somebody could come and work there...Its just one miracle from God...and I am happy that I can be useful and give my helping hand there where it is also needed! I praise God for this opportunity!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy people

Happy people rarely think about happiness. They are too busy losing their lives in service for others.

There is no greater love than this - that a man should lay down his life for his friends. John 15:13

Thursday, October 28, 2010


We need encouragement as much as crops need rain. After we have received it, we are in position to dish it out to others.

"You are a shield around me, O Lord; my glorious One, who lifts up my head. To the Lord I cry aloud, and He answers me from his holy hill." Psalm 3:3,4

The time is passing by faster than before and what is the goal in to serve God and others...from this you can get life of good quality. Ofcourse you can serve others in many ways, but what thinks & feels your heart (frontal lobe). To think only on yourself and how to get profit and the things you need, then you will not be able to finish the list, becouse there comes so many things you still WANT. And WANT is selfishness and selfishness is like a leprosy. In nowday's sociaty usual thinking is to be as good as neighbour and even better, this competition kills people mentally, morally, physically.

"Lands and goods and wordly occupations engross the mind, and things of eternal interest receive hardly a passing notice." GC 464 (E.G.W)

Self-denial is not a popular word, it usually goes together with loosers. But Jesus denied himself when He came to this earth and died for us. Its a REAL sacrifice and He didnt loose but He won the battle!!! Are we ready to exercise self-denial and win the battle with self? The best thing is to humble our hearts to God and confess our sins, and ask for forgivness and forgive ... you will see how drastically your life will take new turn...

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Most nutritionists regard honey as a more favorable sweet than the refined sugars. Sometimes the price of honey is high. There is one way to cut the price, - move to the country and keep your own bees.

The almost universal craving for sweets, especially in children, best proves that there is a true need for them in the human system. The two invert sugars that honey contains (75 % in most grades) have many advantages as food substances. Ordinary sugar, also starch, must undergo digestion, a process that changes them into simple sugars the same as, or similar to, those found in honey. The sugar of honey, therefore, may be considered as predigested; hence the use of honey takes a load of work off the stomach and pancreas.

Dr. Edinburg says: "In heard weakness I have found honey to have a marked effect in reviving the heart action and keeping patients alive. I had further evidence of this in a recent case of pneumonia. The patient consumed two pounds of honey during illness; there was an ealrly crisis, with no subsequent rise of temperature and an exceptionally good pulse. I suggest that honey should be given for general physical repair, and above all, for heart failure."

Dr. Beck declares that during his nearly half century of medical practice he has met many suprisingly energetic folk of advanced age with remarkably healthy complexions. In taking their histories, the report of a liberal daily dose of honey was often a part of the story.

Many nervous states can be attributed to excessive sugar consumption. Our swift modern life requires rapid metabolism to create and to replace the much-needed physical and mental energy. Simple sugar can supply this need much better than can the ordinary refined products, which are not only hard to digest, but tend to cause such ills as gastric ulcer, renal diseases, and diabetes. Dr. Beck states that sugar is just as habit-forming as narcotics, and its use, misuse, and abuse, a modern nutritional disaster. Viewing the many channels through which we find refined sugar getting into alimentary canal, such as candy, ice cream, soft drinks, syrups, pastry, jams and jellies, besides the sugar bowl, it is not hard to believe.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sugar substitutes

Some people who crave sweets and realize their harmfulness, or perhaps have disabled the pancreas and so cannot use them, and have not learned to re-educate their appetites, turn to sugar substitutes as a way out of their dilemma. Such a course is not safe.
There are a number of products on the market which are used in the place of sugars, but they are harmful to the digestive tract and should not be used. Among these are saccharin, dulcin, and glucin. These sweeteners are not allowed to be used in food products.
Saccharin belongs to the great family of coal tar products, many of which are active heart poisons, hence it is not surprising that careful observation has shown it to be a highly injurious drug. Under its influence the heart's action is lessened in vigor and its continued use may give rise to serious injury.

The re-education of our taste desires is easier than many people think. It begins by securing a knowledge of that which is good for the health of the body. It is then followed by a balanced ration of good food which in time becomes so satisfying that the appetite is satisfied without the former usual amounts of sweet foods. From that point forward the interest in concentrated sweets declines until, with many people, they cease to be sources of special temptation; the desire for them has been superseded by desires for better foods.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sugar groups

FRUCTOSE (Group 2)

Another single-molecule sugar is fructose found in fruit and juices and honey.


The single sugar is a constituent of lactose which occurs in milk. The foregoing three groups of sugar are natural to the body and are proper food for it.

However, it is important that nothing hinder the digestive processes because delay gives time for fermentation of these sugars before they reach the blood.

The sugar most commonly used is not included in any of the foregoing groups, and is not natural to the body, and is a very unfavorable food. It is "sucrose", a double-molecule wherein two single molecules similar to the diagram already given, are linked together, like one molecule of glucose and one of fructose tied together. These two single sugar molecules when separated are natural to the body, but when linked together they irritate any tissue they contact. They cannot be separated by the saliva in the mouth or the gastric juice in the stomach, and while they are finally separated in the small intestine and enter the blood as simple sugar, their separation is made after considerable delay, and with difficulty; and until they are separated they are strong irritants to the celles of the mucous membranes of the mouth, stomach, duodenum and small intestine. This irritation often causes serious trouble.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sources of Sugar (I)

The term "sugar" is applied to several types of sweet substances, some of which are excellent food while others are irritants to the digestive tract while being prepared to go into the blood stream. It is important that we know the difference between the helpful and harmful types.

Simple sugar

First we will consider the form of sugar as it is found in normal blood as used in the body. It is known as a "simple" or "single" sugar called a "monosaccaride" because it is the simplest form in which sugar is found and cannot be further broken down. This is the form in which sugar passes from the small intestine into the blood.

The chemist says every molecule if this sugar is made of 24 atoms, - 6 atoms of carbon, 6 of oxygen, and 12 of hydrogen, associated together. He diagrams a representative molecule as follows; C means carbon, O is for oxygen, and H is hydrogen:









There are three groups of these single sugars, of which this is the first to be discussed.

These sugars are used by the cells to produce heat and energy as already explained, but if they are held too long in digestive tract they will be attacked by fermentive bacteria which derive energy for their growth by the bartial oxidation of sugar. The chief products of this fermentation are carbon dioxide and alcohol which will be a curse to the body instead of the blessing as was intended.

These sugars come from the juices of fruits and the saps of plants; even the starch of seeds, roots, bulbs, steams and leaves, like cereals, potatoes, mature peas and corn, ripe apples and bananas, is broken down by saliva, pancreatic juice and the intestinal juice to glucose, ready for the blood. (this break down of starch is aided by heat, as in cooking.)

During this process of breaking down starch to a single sugar it passes through two other states, dextrin and maltose.


Thursday, September 30, 2010

Strawberry delight

Strawberry delight

100 ml Cashew nuts

300 ml cooked rice

250 ml soymilk or water

1/2 kg strawberries

honey according to taste

lemon juice according to taste

Blend cashews and add the remaining ingredients, blend until creamy.

Cut and put some fruits on top.

Sugar and the kidneys

This concentration of sugar in the blood fluctuates from 100 milligrams of sugar in 100 cubic centimeters of blood to 180 milligrams. When it exceeds 180 milligrams the kidneys release the excess into urine and it is lost from the body. The level at which the kidneys release the sugar is called the "threshold". The constant handling of large excess of sugar by these kidney cells is held by some writers to be one cause of kidney cell damage.

Sugar and the pancreas

Sugar is rapidly absorbed from the digestive tract into the blood and if large amounts are eaten at a time so that it enters the blood faster than the body can use or store it, the result will be a "high tide" of sugar in the blood. It is said that in this case the pancreas secretes a large amount of insulin than it normally does. If this is continued over a considerable period until the cells of the pancreas are depleted, diabetes could result.


Vegan chocolate spread

2 tbs Tahhini (sesamy paste)

1 tbs honey

1 tsp coconut butter

1 tbs Carob powder

1 tsp beepollen if wanted

bit water, depends how fluid or thick you want it to be.

Mix all ingredients well and use as a spread on the bread.

I have been often asked why do I not consume sugar and food that contains sugar. There are many different sorces of sugar that I will mention in my later postings. Many are wondering how it is possible to survive without cakes, candies or cookies that you can purchase in the shop. Nowdays its not so easy to get food without "bad sugar". I have to be very selective in shop, reading carefully labels. BUT I have A LOT of other subsidies for "sweet" things, like fruits, honey (easy to get as we have bees), dried fruits . I try to eat food in its natural way, the less processed the better. So it became already my habit for a reason. I found some good stuff about how the body uses sugar from the book Abundant health.

Sugar is very important element in nutrition, but its nature and use are little understood by most people. The easy way to understand the matter is to begin with sugar as it is found in normal, healthy blood, where, for every thousand parts of blood, one part must be sugar, - the substance the body cells burn to produce heat and energy for use by all parts of the body. This blood sugar is derived from certain kinds of food. The body can convert a portion of the protein and fat intake into this sugar (glucose), but the larger part of the body's supply is secured from starch and sugar.

Storage of sugar
When taken in three meals to provide for 24 hours need, the supply is not uniform or steady enough; there is apt to be either a "feast" or a "famine". Too large amount would accumulate in the blood at one time unless there were some way to regulate it. For this reason temporary storage is provided in the skin, muscles and liver. The liver stores sugar in a "compressed" form called "glycogen", and on demand from the blood it releases it again as glucose for use as needed. When it is stored in the skin no chemical change takes place in it as simply an outflow from the blood stream and an inflow back into it which is called storage by "inundation". The storage of glucose in the cells is called storage by "segregation" which is more complicated than storage by "inundation". Shortage in the cells and release from them is thought to be under the control of the nervous system in cooperation with glands on internal secretion.

Topic continues

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Natural remedies

I have been picking sea backthorn on our field. They are very sour, but good for skin diseases, digestive tract and heart. It has anti-inflammatory and anti-microbiological activity. Berries are high in C and B vitamins and aswell they contain B12 vitamin.
We made berry juice and puted into icecube plastic bags, its so easy to take cubes by cubes and have a nice drink on winter.

We made with mum lip salves and aswell massage salve with cayenne pepper (lately cayanne became my favourite) I put cayenne into capsules for eating, into tea, make cayanne massage. Cayenne has high amount of A and C vitamin, and organic Calcium and Potassium, so therefore its very good for healthy heart, aids digestion and circulatory system. Cayenne has been known to stop heart attack within 30 seconds!!!

Cowberries or lingon berries.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Open door

God sees to it that a door of opportunity is always open for the christian. If one door closes it is because another is about to open. "See, I have placed before you an open door that no-one can shut." Revelation 3:8

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Monday, August 23, 2010

Extraordinary week

Last week was for me just one adventure. First of all I went to visit my granny in Viljandi, and the same day we went to the sea, 100 km drive. On the way it rained so strongly and the thunder was so strong. Granny was so disappointed in the weather and she convinced me to turn back, and I tried to convince her not to give up our goal to reach the place. So I didn't even think about to turn back. So we arrived and came out from the car and were so amazed about the weather change, we just hugged each other and praised the Lord for hearing our quiet prayers. It was sunny whole afternoon and the water was very warm. Later evening I visited my good friends.
My 2 relatives from Boston visited Estonia, it was great to communicate with them and I took them to the airport to Riga. I was thinking that they will leave from Tallinn, but the same morning it came out I have to drive to Riga, Latvia. Good experience anyway.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Walking by faith and not by sight

my granddad:) my granny:)
I love experiments!!

We have been puting the roof..., it was fun.

my mum!
in Denmark

I have been here and there and never imagined that I will be here or there:)) I complately have to walk by faith and not by sight. I try to enjoy the present moment. My family is on vocation in Croatia, and I am having summer vocation with granddad at home in Estonia. I have been picking blueberries and eating them so much, done smoothies and pie out of them. Aswell I have been enjoying wonderful warm weather. On Sunday I will visit my granny and we will drive to the sea.