Thursday, September 30, 2010

Strawberry delight

Strawberry delight

100 ml Cashew nuts

300 ml cooked rice

250 ml soymilk or water

1/2 kg strawberries

honey according to taste

lemon juice according to taste

Blend cashews and add the remaining ingredients, blend until creamy.

Cut and put some fruits on top.

Sugar and the kidneys

This concentration of sugar in the blood fluctuates from 100 milligrams of sugar in 100 cubic centimeters of blood to 180 milligrams. When it exceeds 180 milligrams the kidneys release the excess into urine and it is lost from the body. The level at which the kidneys release the sugar is called the "threshold". The constant handling of large excess of sugar by these kidney cells is held by some writers to be one cause of kidney cell damage.

Sugar and the pancreas

Sugar is rapidly absorbed from the digestive tract into the blood and if large amounts are eaten at a time so that it enters the blood faster than the body can use or store it, the result will be a "high tide" of sugar in the blood. It is said that in this case the pancreas secretes a large amount of insulin than it normally does. If this is continued over a considerable period until the cells of the pancreas are depleted, diabetes could result.

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