Thursday, January 28, 2010

Patience required

The use of natural remedies requires an amount of care and effort that many are not willing to give. Nature's process of healing and upbuilding is gradual, and to impatient it seems slow. The surrender of hurtful indulgences requires sacrifice. But in the end it will be found that nature, untrammeled, does her work wisely and well. Those who preserve in obedience to her laws will reap the reward in health of body and health of mind.

- Ministry of healing p.127 -

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Clothing IV - Lymphatic system

Today we had first lymphatic dranage massage class.
The lymphatic system - a specialized component of the circulatory system - is even more vulnerable to the deleterious effects of constrictive clothes. The lymphatic system contains the following components:
Lymph fluid is clear fluid residing in the spaces between the body cells. It contains cell nutrients as well as waste products of cell metabolism.
Lymphatics are small, blindly ending vessels found in many body tissues. The debrisladen lymph collects in these thin-walled vessels, which are lined with many little valves that keep the lymph flowing toward heart for disposal.
Lymph nodes consist of small clusters of specialized cells that filter out some of the lymph debris such as bacteria, toxins and cancer cells. Lymph nodes are also the manufacturing sites for antibodies - potent weapons against invading germs.
Unlike the circulatory system, the lymph is not pumped by the heart. The thin-walled lymphatic vessels are extremely sensitive to pressure. The lymph is propelled along by rhythmical compression such as contraction and relaxation of the muscles during exercise or massage, diaphragmatic movements from deep breathing or singing, and pulse pressure from arteries lying near lymphatic vessels.
If the lymphatics are functioning properly, the body tissues serviced by the lymphatic system will be cleansed from toxins and other undesirable compunds. On the other hand, if the lymphatic function is compromised by a relatively constant pressure on the thin, easily collapsible vessel walls, the lymph will accumulate in the body tissues leading to congestion and swelling of the involved body part. If fat-soluble toxins and other potentially cancer-causing compounds are present in the lymph, this will result in tissues with a relatively higher toxin exposure than those tissues with freely draining lymph.
Environmental toxins, along with other risk factors such as: genetic predisposition, stress, poor diet, lack of exercise, drugs, alcohol, caffeine and tobacco all play a role in the host of degenerative diseases that plague mankind today - including cancer. If anything were to constrict the flow of lymph from the breast, there would be poor drainage of the breast tissue. When it comes to lymph vessels, it doesent take much force to affect flow. Slight pressure, such as a soft tissue compression, can influence the flow within the vessels.
Many women assume that in order to look well dressed they need to wear an appearance-enhancing unhealthful bra. This is because they have chosen a fashion that emphasizes the breasts.

Restrictive Clothing III

Tight-fitting clothing acts like a shell, forcing the soft body tissues to conform to certain shapes and dimensions. However, a human being is not a snail. When we wear restrictive clothing, we change more than our appearance. We also change the way our body functions, resulting in many health problems. Tight shirt collars and ties potentially interfere with the blood flow to the brain. Knee-high hose and elastic topped socks encourage the development of the varicose veins. Tight pants contribute to stomach cramps, chest pain and heart burn. Tight bands are implicated in male infertility, as sperm needs to be kept below body temperature to stay fully functional. Nylon panties are associated with yeast infections in women. Snug, narrow, bra straps cause neck, shoulder and arm pain in women. Tight shoes - especially narrow toes and high heels - can cause back and hip problems, poor circulation, corns, bunions and hammertoes as well as increasing the hazard of tripping and falling. Corsets, popular from the seventeenth century until the early twentieth century, simply do to the female body what tight shoes do to the feet.

Chronically constrictive clothing handicaps the circulatory system. The body's bloodstream highway must be kept unobstructed. For peak performance, all body cells require a freely flowing bloodstream to deliver oxygen, nutrients and other compounds vital to cell health. Equally important to the cell's vitality is the efficient removal of waste products of cell metabolism, toxins, invading germs, and other unwanted materials which must be transported to the body's circulating waste disposal system comprising the liver, kidneys, lungs, and skin.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Clothing II

"Perfect health depends upon perfect circulation."

Special attention should be given to the extremities, that they may be as thoroughly clothed as the chest, and the region over the heart, where is the greatest amount of heat. The limbs were not formed by our Creator to endure exposure, as was the face. The Lord provided the face with immense circulation, because it must be exposed. He provided, also, large veins and nerves for the limbs and feet, to contain a large amount of the current of human life, that the limbs might be uniformly as warm as the body.

There is but one woman in a thousand who clothes her limbs as she should. Chilled extremities were depicted as the unsuspected cause of a surprising array of ailments.

Conditions associated with chilled extremities

  • Upper airway inflammation

  • Croup, influenza

  • Tuberculous lymph nodes

  • Headaches, brain congestion

  • Nosebleeds

  • Chest congestion and disease

  • Heart palpitations

  • Digestive disturbances

  • Habitually cold hands and feet

  • Failure to thrive - infants

  • A vast amount of disease

  • Premature death!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Clothing I

We have been discussing with friend much about how important is proper clothing. While clothing is something no one is born with, we all learn very early in life to consider it as an extension or our being. Dress impacts all facets of life - physical, mental, social and spiritual.

Physical impacts

The concept that dress has a significant impact on the physical health has been largely ignored by the medical profession and rarely addressed by the general public. Half of the diseases of women are caused by unhealthful dress. A key concept of God's health reform message is that clothing affects the circulatory system to a far greater degree than generally realized. Good health depends on two basic priciples of proper dress:
  • Clothing must be evenly distributed over the entire body in such a way that the extremities are as warm as the central portions of the body.
  • Clothing must be loose fitting. There should be no restriction or band tight enough to leave a mark on the skin.

From the book Temperance in Dress, Mary Ann McNeilus,M.D.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Go to the great physician - for only God can heal

God will not restore to health those who desire it only that they may continue to sin and dishonor their Creator. To love obedience is to love health and life. To love obedience is to love health and life. To love sin is to love degeneration and death. God will not keep us from that which we are seeking.

Go to the great physician - for only God can heal
"Bless the Lord, O my soul: and all that is within me, bless His holy name. Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all His benefits: who forgiveth all thine iniquities; who healeth all thy diseases; who redeemeth thy life from destruction; who crowneth thee with lovingkindness and tender mercies; who satisfieth thy mouth with good things; so that thy youth is renewed like the eagle's." - Psalm 103:1-5

"I will take sickness away from the midst of thee." Exodus 23:25

"Sickness, suffering, and death are work of an antagonistic power. Satan is the destroyer; God is the restorer." - Medical ministry, 11

- Medical Missionary Manual, p. 262

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christmas and New Year meeting at Het Kervel

Christmas and New Year Eve meeting is over, it went really fine.
It was very nice to meet old and new friends.
Only little bit time left for going home. But before this have to accomplish with lymphatic massage and some other interesting lessons.