Monday, November 1, 2010

Long journey

Tomorrow I will lieve my hometown for some time to Kenya (Mombassa) as a medical missionary for getting busy with councelling people about health issues (will teach hydrotherapy, massage, herbs, vegan food preparation ect.)
My trip starts from Elva continuing to Tallinn, Copenhagen, Madrid, Cairo, Nairobi, Mombassa.
My plan was before to go to Venezuela to have a practise at health center (I booked even ticket), but then very suddenly I got call from Kenya, they urgently needed medical missionary...I was like speechless...and first I sayed no, but then I started to think what could I do. Then I remembered that I received recently an email about the change in flight Madrid Caracas timetable (only 30 minutes). So I called and asked if they could cancel the flight, they sayed they will reply if they can. Again I started to think about so many changes and decided not to cancel, I wrote to the airline company that I changed my mind. After half an hour I received mail : Your flight is cancelled!! Thats it! It was turning point to complately another direction. I took in touch with E. from Kenya and announced that I can still come...that was a surprise for them in Kenya, and actually they have been praying like for month that somebody could come and work there...Its just one miracle from God...and I am happy that I can be useful and give my helping hand there where it is also needed! I praise God for this opportunity!