Monday, August 23, 2010

Extraordinary week

Last week was for me just one adventure. First of all I went to visit my granny in Viljandi, and the same day we went to the sea, 100 km drive. On the way it rained so strongly and the thunder was so strong. Granny was so disappointed in the weather and she convinced me to turn back, and I tried to convince her not to give up our goal to reach the place. So I didn't even think about to turn back. So we arrived and came out from the car and were so amazed about the weather change, we just hugged each other and praised the Lord for hearing our quiet prayers. It was sunny whole afternoon and the water was very warm. Later evening I visited my good friends.
My 2 relatives from Boston visited Estonia, it was great to communicate with them and I took them to the airport to Riga. I was thinking that they will leave from Tallinn, but the same morning it came out I have to drive to Riga, Latvia. Good experience anyway.

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