Monday, December 6, 2010

News From Bethesda Restoration Ministries

This is Hamisi. He is 12 years old.He is paralyzed from his chest to the feet. This happened when he fell down from a tree a year ago while hunting birds. His mother brought him to us one morning and what we saw was very sad. Hamisi has four big bed sores and one of the sores is on the spine and is so deep that you can see the spinal cord. This is the pictureon the left but is abit dark that you cannot easily see the spine through the hole.

By God´s grace we have been applying simple natural remedies like aloe vera with carrots and also massaging his legs for a better circualtion. The picture that you now see shows some great improvement as all the sores are getting abit smaller. It was not an easy situation to see the those big sores at the beginnning but through prayer,the Lord has strengthened us to minister to this poor boy.Please remember him in your prayers and we will update you of his condition.We are still continuing with the treatments and should the Lord impress you to give suggestions,we would be grateful.

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