Thursday, June 12, 2008

Vegan cheese cake


For the Oatmealcrust 2 Cups of Oatmeal

1.5 Cups brownflour

1 Cup shredded almonds or Cashews

1/2 teaspoon salt

2 teaspoons Coriander

2 teaspoon Vanilla powder

1/2 cup of margarine or oil

2 tablespoon of fruitjuice

6 tablespoon of maple sirup or brown sugar


1. Mix the dry ingredients.

2. Add margarine or oil, and liquids and mix it well.

3. Press the mass tightly into a medium deep tray.

4. Bake at 160 - 170 Celsius (depending on the oven) for 10-12 minutes, till the crust looks golden.


1 cup of millet

4 cups of hot water

1 teaspoon of salt

2/3 cups of Cashews

2/3 cups of lemon juice

2/3 cups of maple sirup

2 teaspoon of vanilla powder


1. Wash the millet in a strainer under poring water.

2. Add to the boiling water salt and millet. Cook it for about 1 minute on highest heat. Put the heat back on low till the millet haas finnaly sucked the water (about 40 minutes).

3. Blend Cashewnuts, lemonjuice, maple sirup and vanilla powder till very fine.

4. Add the hot millet to it. Blend the mass till it is creamy and has no more clumps. Immediately pour the filling on top of the cooled down crust.

5. Let the filling cool down till it has become thickened over night.

6. Cover the filling with fresh cutted fruits, or deep frozen fruits or pour a layer of strawberry cream over it like following:

Strawberry cream covering:

2 cups of apple juice1 cup of fresh, frozen or from the can strawberries

8 tablespoons of cornstarch

3 tablespoon of raw sugar


1. Cook the apple juice, cornstarch, and the raw sugar till the mass is thickened. Stirr comstantly.

2. Take it from the stove and add the strawberries.

3. Pour the "strawcover" over the filling and let it rest till it is cooled out.

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