Saturday, April 2, 2011

I went for a walk with the Bible and had a wonderful afternoon in the nature...sun was just so warm, and I felt glimpses of God's love and care.

I read about how Hanna had a sincere but powerful prayer. And God heard her and saw her heart decire. She gave birth to Samuel, and gave him already in very young age to God's service.

"Young as he was when brought to minister in the tabernacle, Samuel had even then duties to perform in the service of God, according to his capacity. These were at first very humble, and not always very pleasant; but they were performed to the best of his ability, and with a willing heart. His religion was carried into every duty of life. He regarded himself as God's servant, and his work as God's work. His efforts were accepted, because they were prompted by love to God and a sincere desire to do His will. It was thus that Samuel became a co-worker with the Lord of heaven and earth. And God fitted him to accomplish work for Israel." (PP 573,574)

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