Monday, August 6, 2012

Last weekend was full of experiences. We went to Sabah with friends, and stayed at the youth camp that was held in Borneo Paradise. Very beautiful place at the coast. Small island was walking distance through the water. With our group whe had adventure climbind the hill. Bit rugged way sometimes what we wanted to reach goal...we did it. On the way back one insect bite my tumb, and it started to get swollen. When I reached the camp place it was already much swollen, hot and red. My body was covered with red rush, and it was too itchy. 3 times I black out ..I prayed what should I do. My nurse friends suggested to go to hospital, but certainly I didnt want. The Charcoal was last solution...but unfortunately I didnt have charcoal with me. But praise the Lord, my friends organized charcoal for me and gave me very consentrated amount of it to drink. Proximately after 1 hour resting I was on my feet, bit dizzy still, but thanks to support and encouragements from my friends I tryed to keep my heart its the best medicine. My skin was complately clear next day. So happy for fast recovery.

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