Monday, November 19, 2007

8 Keys in preventing heart disease

There are 8 keys to preventing, treating, and reversing heart disease.

1. Reduce blood cholesterol. Levels less than 150 mg/dl will reduce the risk of heart attack by 60 to 90 percent.
2. Eat a plant-based diet. All the cholesterol we eat comes from animal products; plant foods contain no cholesterol. To remove all cholesterol from the diet all animal products must be eliminated.
3. Increase dietary fiber. It absorbs cholesterol in the digestive tract and removes it.
4. Decrease blood levels of fat. Sugar, fat, and alcohol increase the amount of fat in the blood. Fat promotes plaque buildup in the arteries and stimulates the blood to clot, increasing the risk of heart disease.
5. Stop smoking. Over a period of five years this will reduce your risk of heart attack by 50 to 75 percent.
6. Start a regular aerobic exercise program. This raises MDL so effectively it can reduce the risk of heart disease by over 45 percent in those who are unfit.
7. Reach and maintain your ideal body weight. Losing weight can cut heart disease risk by 35 to 55 percent in those who are more than 20 percent over their ideal weight.
8. Reduce blood pressure. A ten-point reduction in blood pressure reduces heart disease risk 20 to 30 percent in those with high blood pressure.
Many people have experienced very good results from implementing these principles. As artery blockage reverses, angina pains have cleared up, and an active normal life has again become possible.

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